Your author hard at work

Your author hard at work

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wiggers at Kaiser

My wife was at Kaiser the other day waiting to get a prescription filled, waiting paitiently in line when this woman walks up to ask the pharmacy clerk if her name had been called already. Well I guess a white man who thinks emulating ebonics and a corporate made gangster hip hop lifestyle (a Wigger) had to say something to the clerk. I guess he repeatedly made a statement on behalf of all the other people that he shouldn't let this woman cut in front of the line, sith every other line being "ya know what I'm saying." This must have been the dumbass's first time at Kaiser pharmacy because everyone knows if your a person whose name is called you don't wait in line. So after he the clerk explained to this guy the situation, the wigger kept taking more of the clerks time arguing his case with a lot of ya know what I'm saying. The idiot ending up holding up the line longer than it should of because the clerk was too polite to just ignore this wigger temper tantrum. Although the Wigger did not get out of line, it just makes me think what is wrong with these people.
So called psychiatrist and psychologist diagnose every human personality as a disorder, why are these wiggers seriously not in therapy or on medication. I have not been on the planet too long, but has there ever been a time in history where mass amounts of people some how adopted some identity that they learned from music and television and then became that person. In that case why aren't there more people who act like CLint Eastwood, he is a lot cooler than some retard from Menace to Society that can barely talk English "Snaps on the Petro."
I used to think wiggerdom was some trend that would come and go, like greasers in the 50's. Unfortunately in 2010, they are still alive and well and still acting like a bunch of dumbasses. The worst part is that these guys grew up and are now in their 30's and still talk and act like retards ya know what i'm sayin. A great movie about Wigger culture is White Boyz
I should become one for a day, maybe I will realize I will like it and I will stay that way forever. Here is my strategy.
1. Spend 48 hours watching every black gangster movie I can find
2. Make a physical threat to at least one person a day using words such as "whup, beat down, split yo whig" (of course I never intend to act on this except unless I have a wigger in training with me and a serious advantage of size)
3. Every time I meet someone new I will act in a confrotational matter until I know the person is "respecting" me if not I will resort to item 2 again with no intent to actually use violence.
4. Be as loud as possible so as everyone knows a real gangsta is present
5. Whatever theyre wearing in the most recent black gangster movie, I'm wearing it.
6. End every sentence with a "ya know what I'm saying" or DamMM
7. Decide whether I am a benevolent thug who has redeemed his wicked past and now refers to women as females, or if I am pure hard gangster and refer to woman in as many derogatory names I can think of.
8. Try to talk how I think ebonics sounds
9. Live my life with the knowledge that only I know the true way of being a man and every other white person just doesn't know how hard it really is.
10. Walk like the main character from Menace to Society.




  3. CJ, Ah dint axe u, I jus represent,