Your author hard at work

Your author hard at work

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Billy Jack

I have and own all the Billy Jack movies (even Billy Jack Goes to Washington).
Heres an awesome link to an awesome site about Billy Jack Movies I suggest you read the whole F*****N thing, because it's practically the best goddamn movie reveiw I have ever seen that was not written by me.

That being said I recently visited which I must say sucks bad. Tom Laughlin displayed some of his script for his supposed new movie in which Billy Jack is the president. This man's ego and the fact that he is so oblivious fo what an egomaniac he is is astounding. I would like to interview Tom Laughlin about the idiocy of this movie. The first question would be how did a convicted cop killer get elected to president of the United States? The second question would be why did he remove my posts on his blog? My Blog is vastly superior to his by the way and I am not Billy Jack. Also I would ask him is it legal that ponzi finance scheme he is using to raise money for his movie, it doesn't sound it.

I was shocked at the prices they charge for their merchandise, who the F**K would pay $500 for black hat with a beaded thing on it? Also they charge extra for him and that disgusting wife of his autographs? It's too bad the national guard didn't shoot Delores Taylor for real.

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