Your author hard at work

Your author hard at work

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aly Morita's Boycott

YES it is true that Mr Miyagi's own daughter is on board with the Boycott of the Karate Kid, she heard it here first. Look what day my boycott started and then look what day she announced her boycott, yes the 11th of June. If my boycott can reach into the heart of Miyagi's own real kids, than we are going to shut Hollywood down and then China itself.

I have a message for the writer of the remake, "MR KARATE KID REMAKE WRITER, TEAR DOWN THIS MOVIE"

Heres the link to prove ROBERT STOKES BOYCOTT is growing faster than the Gulf oil spill.

I do have somewhat of a problem with this, up until the 11 of June when you typed in "Karate Kid Boycott" in google you were directed here, now they are acting as if ALY MORITA came up with this. THIS IS STILL THE ONLY OFFICIAL KARATE KID BOYCOTT SITE ON THE WEB. All others are fake and phony. My boycotters and I protested at the Rave movie theater in Bretnwood last saturday and I did not see Aly Morita or any other phonies. Just to make things clear to you die hards.


  1. You witless donkey.

    Get a life and quit bothering Emily. Literally no one cares about your movie reviews or opinions on Middle-East policy, you fucking boob.

    What's the matter with you, did your mommy not pay enough attention to you or something?

    I hope you get your just desserts, asshole.

  2. Dear Robert,

    I wrote on your blog sometime a week ago. Something about a parallel reality you live in and I think I cursed your mother.
    I take it back.

    I just saw your apology on her blog and I think it is a noble thing you did - as a first step I suppose.

    I think Emily was the only one who would be able to make the point. I hope we all learned a lesson from this. Reason is how people will come to listen, not with threats. I hope her reason might also make you think more about the struggle for justice she (and I, and others) are fighting for. It is not one or another struggle. ideally, it is how to devote your time to one thing and give your support to other causes when people need them of you.

    Anyway, I saw you removed the post you had a while back.

    Good luck to you.

  3. I am starting my own boycott of you and this blog. Fuck you very much Mr Stokes.

  4. California Tourism Bureau/ All Valley Div.June 30, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    Dear Mr. Stokes,
    I would like to point out some gigantic fallacies with your 'Karate Kid' comments:
    1. Pat Morita was known nationally and adored by TV audiences for his portrayal of some dude on Happy Days, he was very american and well liked by the Fonz.
    2. California is not a cool place to live, especially the San Fernando Valley in LA, where the LaRusso's resided. It is rife with racial, class, and attitude problems (see your beloved Freddy as proof)
    3. Daniel is obviously unstable (we would call it bipolar today). No one gets that excited playing fooseball at an arcade.
    Other than that I think you're a pretty right on fellow. BTW David Ruffin is a DDDDDOOOOOOGGGGGG YO!

  5. Timmy "Skinner" O'BrienJuly 2, 2010 at 5:23 AM

    I wish you would have stood your ground with 'The Emily Situation' (whoever Emily is). I used to tell my children bedtime stories about David Ruffin, they loved 'em! Can you give us a brief bio on David, Mr. Stokes? Oh yeah, Macchio stopped by yesterday we got WASTED on local brewskis and played some fooseball and he was like "YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!" when he won, maybe it was just the malt liquor talking but that dude seemed way too excited.

  6. DO not use my name on this blog or I will get my attorney to shut this site down

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