Your author hard at work

Your author hard at work

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flight Attendants

Normally I never touch current events, but today is special. The flight attendant who jumped off the plane was awesome, although I normally hate flight attendants and actually commend the person who called him a motherfucker and hit him with a bag. But taking 2 beers and jumping down the slide is awesome.

Now I have flown all over the world and flight attendants in other countries are hot and nice. Flight attendants in the US are a bunch of nasty, chip on their shoulder, bunch of slobs, except the gay guys actually. The gay guys are about the only good American flight attendants.

I was on a plane once and had 3 children and 2 adults in one 3 seated area. I was not aware that you can only have 1 child on a lap instead of 2 in this ares. A flight attendant comes over and instead of telling me the rule, just says "do you want your child to get hurt or die?" I was like WTF are you talking about, she then explains that there are only 4 oxygen masks overhead and if we lose pressurization than one of my kids will get hurt. I said ok and I and one of the children moved. The whole incident was bizarre, instead of just coming and telling me you can't have more than 4 people in that seat, she tried to guilt me first, (which at the time I just was weirded out become some flight attendant out of the blue talking about my child's death), but then she tries to use some type of argument with me about why we have this rule. I don't give a fuck why we have the rule, the chances of the cabin losing pressurization are about as possible of getting struck by lightning, but that doesn't matter, because I would have obeyed the fucking rule regardless. It reminded of the Simpsons episode where the lady selling baby safety equipment just comes up and says "Your Baby is Dead."

Flight attendants suck, I've heard about them threatening people, breaking people's items' in their carry ons, and their shitty fucking attitude. Maybe people wouldn't be so rude to these assholes if they didn't act like assholes themselves. FUCK FLIGHT ATTENDANTs, who needs these dicks anyways, they bring a tray of drinks around, so what, I don't need their drink, fuck them.

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  1. Fuck you Stokes, flight attendants defend America with their lives